TinyMCE plugin for creating Table of contents for article on the editing page.

Download and install the plugin via Joomla Extensions - Install menu.

Enable plugin in extensions management page.

Optionally you can change the header text for the Table of contents section. Navigate to the Plugins configuration page and set the proper heading text.

Now create new or open for editing existing article. In the editor toolbar you will see new button "Contents". When you click the button, Table of content will be created at current cursor position.

Plugin scans the article body for H1 - H6 header tags. For all of tags "id" attribute will be defined.

List of links will be created for existing H1 - H6 tags. Which allows your user to navigate on the page


Plugin is available for free download and usage.

Yau can modify it for your needs.

Last update: May 10 2018

Version 1.1